A battlecry in World of Warcraft to signify that you are rallying your troops.
Ishnu Alah QE bitch!
by Teegee_Spite November 3, 2006
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A term used in the North East of England, to describe Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College, the college itself situated in Darlington. It is common knowledge to everyone (minus) QE'ers, that the college is a housing den for the dimwits and sheep of this world. The students themselves, lacking the fundamental skill of 'independent thought'. Instead, they choose to herd together, brand themselves 'indie' and talk smack about normal people.
Alan - " I hate QE-ers ".
by AlanSuperman April 24, 2010
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QES is where most young people in the north of England get drugs; ket coke everyting comes from qes there’s a weed farm behind the sports hall too
Yo I gotta pick up some ket from qes bro
by Big man kev April 16, 2019
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Full of people snorting ket of your nans bum
Qes is a school
by Daviduser July 11, 2020
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Queen Elizabeth School, in this case located in Kirkby Lonsdale in the North West of England.

QES is well known for having insane out of control students, it has appeared twice in the newspaper, the most recent would be a large article about how students are known to carry large kitchen knives in their bags or pockets, however teachers are not particularly concerned by this.

One of the more well known would be the 'Wray Party' which was an outrageous event where all girls who attended gave birth to at least three children the next day.
As well as this a large amount of cars were stolen and most of the village it took place in was destroyed.

The students themselves are violent little thugs with no respect, the teachers are usually found to be in possession of a cane or baseball bat, and with a near full grown beard and the occasional moustache.
A: 'Oh, look at that man's moustache!'

B: 'He must work at QES.'

A: 'Know where I can buy a kitchen knife around here?'

B: 'Try QES, they might have a few spare.'
by QES student May 4, 2010
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QES has become centre of a large drugs ring, supplying cannabis, heroin, cocaine and MDMA to primary schools and other secondary schools throughout cumbria.
staff claim ignorance, yet recently, a student and teacher were caught by the police with over 15kg or high grade cannabis and £12,000 in cash driving a yellow 70-seater along kirkby high street, selling to tourists.
the school regularly holds parties, usually in halton, to disguise large shipments to other school districts. year 10 pupil known only as D.K. is said to be the centre of it all, and though police are assuring his immediate capture, he seems to have dodged them for his profitable 4 years of dealing.
this is strong shit
must be from QES
by QES student 2 June 23, 2011
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A small village school in Kirkby Lonsdale in North Yorkshire. Very well known for its "values". These values are not considered rules by teachers but instead 'guidelines that you must follow otherwise, you will get into trouble' Well know values include; Don't wear your coat on school grounds even if the flood water is drowning you alongside hail the size off rocks smashing you in the face and everyone is dead, don't not wear your jumper in the cafe or you will get shanked and many, many others. QES is also very well known for handing out isolation's like leaflets, these isolation's are not boring as you have plenty to do! Incredible activities such as being spanked ,scraping gum off tables and cheeky bum sex are all very common in these so called 'Isoos'.

A dangerous group called 'The Farmer Lot' are well known for roaming the hallways of QES and CANNOT repeat CANNOT be tamed, approach with caution...
Q:Can you please take off your coat inside QES?
A:Man's not hot.

Q:Where can i buy cheap drugs of first years?
A:QES should do it.
by BigBoiD-Doyd November 23, 2017
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