The Q-bomb was a Superbomb that turned out to be a dud. It's from the film, The Mouse That Roared (1959) starring Peter Sellers. The film is about a poor country that goes to war against the U.S. hoping to loose and collect money to rebuild. Unfortunately by a fluke, they win.
You know that hot blond I left the party with? She was a Q-bomb!
by Zarg September 16, 2005
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A Quark Bomb.
A next generation atomic weapon, suggested in some scientific journals as possible.
Essentially it is a weapon which somehow splits open protons to release their quarks, the subatomic particles which make up protons, in theory releasing masses of energy. (possibly about 1200 times more energy than an atomic bomb of similar size)

Made widely known in the novel Red Star Coffee (amazing novel, even if it does rip off Neon Genesis Evangelion towards the end). In this, defence shields could protect against incoming nuclear missiles, but Q-Bombs were so powerful they were unstoppable.
It was thought the UN had some, although this was later proved false by the fact they were forced to use the Lance of Longinus.
Dave: I have a Q-bomb.
Julia: You're a dick.
by Summertree June 21, 2005
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An abbreviated version of the word "quit", with an added emphasis word to imply a disastrous meaning. It can be used with a likeness to an actual bomb. In short, a notification to your boss that you will no longer take this crap.... and that you're quitting.
"I couldn't suffer my co-workers shenanigans any longer, so I called my boss and dropped the q-bomb."
by don't know don't care March 18, 2006
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