When one has to urinate very badly!
Hey girl, can i call you back in a sec. I have to go put out a fire.
by Jamie the Third October 29, 2008
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Ted: Oh fuck Sally get ready, I'm about to put out the fire.
Sally: What?
Ted: Hold still bitch, ARGGHHH.
by SinCityMayor November 16, 2014
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A very common figurative way of suggesting or actually solving a series of crises in some context or other.
Jane as mother had a day of "putting out fires", as she resolved minor crisis' for different members of her family. Finding her son Tommy's lost pet bunny, salvaging daughter Katie's science project after it fell off the table and broke, picking-up hubby's dry cleaning and various other little dramas strewn in her path.
by Zeddie April 6, 2010
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Term used to describe a person with excessive acne on their face or other extremities.
Oh man! Her face looks like someone tried to put out a forest fire with a screwdriver.
by Cheesester July 14, 2008
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