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Pussicles n. - Frozen vaginal secretions.

Discovered 12-18-08 and discussed in detail 12-31-08 by a committee which discusses such things.

Pussicles are most common in sub arctic temperature resulting in the instant freezing of most liquids and bodily fluids. Danger can arise when attempting coitus when pussicles are in danger of forming. However even more dangerous is cunnilingus which can result in the
"Christmas Carol Effect" in which a persons tongue becomes instantly bonded to a surface which is extremely cold.

Clinical Experimentation is currently in progress to determine the exact tempature in which such fluids freeze creating the pussicle effect.

References and documentation will be provided at the completion of clinical trials.

frozen knobular protrusion which forms on the labia due to the excessive cold contacts vaginal secretions hence creating pussicles.

common when going out on the porch for a smoke immediately after coitus. during a major snow storm.
by Plucky 000 January 01, 2009
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1. A frigid vagina.

2. A female genitalia that is cold or hasn't been used in a long time. Equivalent to "BLUE BALLS."
When a man turns a cold shoulder on his wife's sexual needs, she may begin to develop pussicles.
by mat-e-kray September 10, 2013
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frozen vaginal fluid that forms into the shape of an icicle, usually caused by having sex in cold places
Ex: having sex in 0 below weather

I accidently stabbed my partner during sex in the snow because i got wet and and it froze into pussicles}
by lilmsshorty December 12, 2009
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The frozen fluids that ice up a beard when going down on a woman in sub zero temperatures.
It was a particularly cold night, and as he came up for breath after eating her out, he noticed a pussicle had formed in his beard.
by Foxy Unicorn January 22, 2019
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