A pussy cats pussy or vagina (puss-eye)
Your cat has a nice pussaie...
by gaypornayyyyyyd December 16, 2020
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Cheap hoes. Nothin' more nothin' less
"Shit son we gots to get us some street pussay!"
by Chaz November 26, 2004
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It is a group of 3 brilliant individual Pingpong, Mashm3llows, and VMONEY. They are the ultimate chick magnets and get every chick possible, they are also know as the 3 amigos. they also have a special friend called fries, he is cool too, but not as cool as them. The trio along with fries so all sort of BAMFs and mindblowing cool stuff. they have a mutual enemy called Vennu Malesh
hey look its superman, no its pussay patrol.
young girls be like i wanna marry Vmoney, hot girls be like i wanna marry Pingpong and supper hot be like i wanna marry mashmellow.
by Saynomore Getonthefloor May 23, 2013
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1. A "Gang-ster Pussy," is a term used to describe an African woman's rectum.

2. A term describing the ass hole of an African woman.
"Damn, this Nigga's gotta get up all in that Gangsta Pussay, cause you know that shits tight as hell."
by Lelantos October 2, 2011
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Paddy and Luke's well known fanny fucking gang that will fuck any beaure that moves. There penis' are big as whales and can knock down an aeroplane with a cum shot.
The pussay patrol gave it to me up the ass
by Fanny Lick December 16, 2011
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