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VERB: A punk, bitch, cowardly vagrant, douche bag, pussy hole, or a guy who is an asshole but acts like a pussy when it comes down to it.
Nick: Hey theres Rick, hes such an asshole but when you snap him back hes such a pussy and bitch.
Bob: Yea, that Puss-Ass
by Bobblesworth Von Spankleton II October 12, 2008
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A combination of pussy and ass; used to express someone as being weak or "soft"
Shut up, you pussass bitch!
by mike March 27, 2003
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Someone who you cannot depend on and have faith in to come through for you in your time of need.

A punkass
Eddie Jones is never able to come thru for the Miami Heat in a clutch therefore you say "Puss Ass Eddie Jones!!!"
by Jamaicanbwoydre July 23, 2005
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when you stab a chick in the pussy and then proceed to cut down towards the anus making the pussy and asshole one hole.
using a dull or sharp knife your choice.
guy 1: yo i saw you go home with that chick last night what happened?

Guy 2: oh man that shit was crazy i gave her a pussass madmegahardcore
by leefy008 October 24, 2007
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