A ring to symbolize that the wearer of the ring will not have sex before marriage. Usually given at purity ball, which is a formal event where the daughter pledges to her father that she will not have sex before marriage infront of many people. Kind of sexist and very creepy.

Most purity rings are worn by girls and the majority of them have superior attitudes towards those who engage in premarital sex. By displaying this very personal decision to the world, they are getting on their high horse and judging those who engage in pleasurable acts. It's just another way for people to believe they are better than others.
Nicky: Yeah, so after being with Ben for over a year..
Sally: Yeah and..
Nicky: I think I'm ready to take it to the next level an-
Elizabeth: OMG guyss guess what!?!
Nicky and Sally: What?
Elizabeth: I got a purity ring!
Sally: Yes, we know. We were there.
Nicky: Congratulations anyway. As I was saying, I think I'm finally ready to make a commitment to Ben an-
Elizabeth: Why don't you guys get purity rings too?
Nicky: We believe in premarital sex..
Sally: *nudges Nicky* and this one has a boyfriend.
Elizabeth: OMFG you guys are sinners! What would God think? Thank God I got my purity ring; it'll save me from your influences.
Nicky and Sally: Um, okay.
Elizabeth: Don't you want to be pure?
Nicky and Sally walk away.
Elizabeth: Dirty Whores.
by Nympho Jones July 7, 2008
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a little silver ring that announces to the world that you take it only up the ass.
did you see her purity ring? that pooper's gotta be loose.
by milo the unkempt April 26, 2015
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Someone that's Christian and won't fuck until they're married
Jack: did you and Anne do it?
John: no the bitch just told me she wore a god damn purity ring
by Blue jeans and sparkles December 18, 2014
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The type of sexual orientation in which you only have sex with virgins who have purity rings, taking said ring and throwing it into the closest corn field upon completion.
Defiling the Purity Ring

Tyler said “Man, I had 5 Busch lights last night and ended up defining Emily’s purity ring; farmer Jon gon find that ring at harvest bruh!”
by Regina Filange June 15, 2023
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a ring that reminds the wearer of their promise to God not to have sex until marriage.
Stop asking him if he wants to have sex with you. Look at his purity ring. He's waiting until he's married.
by pitayaturtle October 30, 2023
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