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a small town in new jersey with people that have nothing to do with their time. it is basically a cut through town for commuters. neighbors red bank, shrewsbury, and oceanport. the middle-schoolers hang out in the a&p parking lot...because thats fun. most people pop their collars. home of the markham place warriors and red bank regional buccaneers. argh. also, most new homes are too big for their lots. theres also a lot of pizza places and banks and drug stores.
"hey lets not go to little silver to hang out"
by stefffffanie April 29, 2006
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N. A town in New Jersey where there are only white people. Anyone who lives there probably has never been anywhere else and refers to it as "da ghetto"
Yo cracka, wats poppin? Lets head ova to da mutha fukin a&p and score us some soda pop!

For sho my nigga! Little Silver is da shit!
by CrackaJoe April 14, 2007
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little silver is a small town in new jersey that is populated by middle to up-er middle class citizens. most people like to bust on ls because they most likely live in the dump known as red bank or some trashy beacher town. little silver while not being the best place to chill is clean and not overrun with the unsavory types that inhabit other towns.
i am so jelous and i wish i lived in little silver- Beacher scumbag
by nikeshoes October 24, 2006
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Little silver is a town that gets boring after a while. Also the cops have nothing to do so they will stop you or take something from you even if your not doing anything. There are lots of annoying people here and will drive you crazy. However Little Silver is surrounded by other cooler places like red bank and the beach so there is something to do most of the time.
Dude Little Silver is kinda boring now lets go somewhere else.
by mochankala December 02, 2009
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An upper middle-class town in New Jersey. Its basically a bunch of houses, and in the middle is the stores and schools. There are way too many drugstores and pizza places, and there's a run-down store called Gift Winds that hasn't been used in a bajillion years. The pizza place next to A&P was closed because of the health department thought it was too dirty, and the new pizza place, Abramos, only had white tweens as customers. Red Bank and Shrewsbury, a washed-up Little Silver, border LS. home of the warriors and bucs. and old white people who dont serve any purpose
Let's go to Little Silver and hang out in the A&P parking lot because we're cool 7th graders.
by surfnskate January 10, 2012
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A place in ghetto new jersey where people love to pull down their pants and shove it in people's bungholes. Also, people like to shove it in their mouth or any other hole in their body. Lastly, people love crapping on another's chest or upper mouth region (aka DIRTY SANCHEZ). Thank you for your time. :
DUDE! Lets go to Little Silver! I'm in the mood to take it from behind today. :
by chango monster July 13, 2006
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This is a town by the Jersey Shore. It used to be all white, but now the blackys be invadin because they are getting pushed out of Red Bank by the dirty ones
I wouldn't want to be in Little Silver right now, the monkeys are invading.
by The man with a secret September 12, 2011
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