17 definitions by Junkyard Pirate

The world's greatest wife. Just a true gem. If you marry her, you're the luckiest man alive.
If only Alexis would marry me and become Alexis Celine Strevig.
by Junkyard Pirate February 9, 2022
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Any social media site that tries to police the community. Naturally like actual police, they miss the big issues and punish the small ones. Anytime there's a social issue, they try to look "woke". Horrible event? Change your profile picture to show you "care". Transgenders are facing prejudice? Let's add pronouns to bios and about sections, that'll solve the issue.
My Facebook comment got removed for cursing, meanwhile the KKK and NeoNazis have Facebook pages, groups, and more. Facebook thinks their the social media police or something.
by Junkyard Pirate July 30, 2021
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An Instagram bitch has an unreal lifestyle as they pretend to be famous. There Instagram contains nothing but selfies, expensive drinks and food, and photos from that one beach vacation she took. She might even go as far as staging photos or candids. They'll pretend they party every day and always have something exciting going on to hide the fact High School is over and no one gives a shit about them anymore and they have no real friends or skills.
Maddy is such an Instagram bitch. We all know she's at home doing nothing and not on a yacht with Elon Musk.
by Junkyard Pirate February 9, 2022
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A badass way of saying "ok boomer". Popularized by the song written by Will Smith prime 90s.
Dad is always bitching I don't go outside. Parents just don't understand. The environment is a mess, society sucks, work is turning people to zombies, dumbasses won't wear masks so COVID won't go away, everything is closed. Parents just don't understand.
by Junkyard Pirate July 30, 2021
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The FTCE is ridiculous. It's a 4.5 hour long test.
by Junkyard Pirate February 9, 2022
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Anyone trying to capitalize on trends, viral videos, news, or trending topics. YouTube channels that copy videos on the trending pages in an attempt for views. No real talent, just purely trying to capitalize on trends. People that always tweet about trending topics for views. Anyone who tries a challenge video. Reaction videos.
I freaking hate trending chasers. They have no original ideas and just copy others. The first cinnamon challenge goes viral, now there's 1,000s. Ice bucket challenge? 1,000s. Literally any challenge or fad. Fidget spinners, pop its, Among Us, Fortnite, Minecraft, Slime.
by Junkyard Pirate July 30, 2021
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