The phase when you think you are in love, and possibly have sexual fantasies about the other person (unless you've already done it). between young and immature teenagers, of course there have been some cases reported of adults going through it to. If your reading this right now and older than 30, chances are you've already been through this once, and hopefully learned something.
Hey John, I think I I'm in love with that pretty little blonde over there in Ms McMillan's class!

Oh, grow up Nathan, she'll just break you the end. Your experiencing sever symptoms of Puppy love.
by MrRomeo October 21, 2014
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Love for the sake of loving.
Person A: Oh my gosh I love her!
Person B: Are you sure you don't love her just because you love loving?
Person A: ............
Person B: Thought so.
Person A: But.. I love her...
Person B: no you don't. It's called puppy love.
by Joshbray1992 January 1, 2009
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1) The love between a young couple within a few weeks of getting together. Not really true love, more blind affection - immature, young love. Tyically occurs before one person becomes a bitch.

2) An act of beastiality. Usually illegal.
1) That relationship will never last - its a case of puppy love between those two

2) Dang, that puppy love sure chafed my dick
by barneyg June 20, 2003
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(n) Basically, "puppy love" is a term used to describe what many kids/teenagers/whatever call love, implying that they are incapable of the same type of true love that adults are capable of. However, "puppy love" is most likely equally common among adults.
"Oh dear, my 15 year old kid has another case of puppy love."
by Lyzz June 23, 2003
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a type of love in which ppl think they are in love... they're not...
(having sex)...

girl- I love you!
boy- i love you more!

two weeks later
(to friends)

girl-he really broke my heart...
boy- she was just stupid...

girl- i like someone else now...
boy- check out that hottie...

(that was an example of puppy love lol)
by ashbug199616093384 June 21, 2009
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Being in love with someone at an early age, a crush or admeration.
It was just puppy love between Greg and I when we were 9.
by Anonymous June 18, 2003
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