A cute dog, usually a small one.
Aww! That's such a cute puppo!
by Lesbean-Marie August 26, 2018
An alternative word to use when seeing a cute dog or puppy.
When seeing a dog:
Person 1: Oh what a cute dog!
Person 2: Oh who's a cute puppo? You are!
by helplessCreator January 9, 2017
A personalized food for dogs tailored for their size, age, activity levels, and ingredient sensitivities.
My dog is allergic to wheat and chicken, so I fed her a tailormade Puppo recipe that accommodates her sensitivities.
by fortheluvofdogs May 6, 2019
A cute medium sized friendly dog.
Anthony has a dogger-puppo.
by bonelesspizza October 25, 2016
"is that a pupper?"
"no its a puppo"
by apersonwholikeswords June 3, 2017