a person who wants to be "punk," dresses like a "punk," uses the word "punk" as often as possible, listens to "punk" music, and pretends to give a shit about politics. (see: george w bush.) listens to mainstream- and pop-punk, and drops names of classic punk (sex pistols, ramones) or obscure (possibly made-up) bands as often as possible, but doesn't actually own any of their music. thinks they make up for it by owning tshirts with their picture on them from hot topic. loves sid vicious. (doesn't realize he wasn't in the original lineup and didn't actually play any instruments on the records, because glen matlock recorded for them even after he left the band.) acts like a dick to anyone at a show who isn't dressed like them. has lots of piercings, preferably multiple lip piercings, a monroe, or something random like an arm piercing. thinks it's "punk" to do drugs, drink, and smoke, because they're underage and their parents still pay for their room and board, food, electricity, heating, water, and their crappy clothes. loves myspace. or hates myspace, because it's run by the Establishment. covers themselves in safety pins for absolutely no reason. thinks DIY means cutting up your hot topic tshirt with the used on it to show off your cleavage. has had a fauxhawk at least once in their life.

a self-proclaimed punk is most often a punkster.
Punkster: OMG, i hate George Bush. Fuckin Nazi. I wish somebody would assassinate him already and kill his whole family. He did 9/11 you know!
Me: Who cares about Bush? We already know he's a dick, we already know he's fucked things up, but he's going to be out of office in a year or so anyway. There are other things in the world that are more important right now. If you want something to change, DO it.
Punkster: Fuck you, fuckin poseur. (Walks away, chains, saftey pins, and piercings jingle)
Me: OMG, I hate punksters.
by pais March 25, 2007
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A human being wanting to get the point out that they just dont care what you think. Usually teenage dirtbags who have no friends except there little other punkster bitches

1: Looks like but not to be confused with an emo fag.

2: A group or punkster can be seen jumping around(not really into each other) but just jumping..... just...... jumping....
2B: Stage diving onto there friends
2C: Crowd surfing, trying to cop a feel on the hand-full of girls that are stupid enough to get dry rape at one of these "hangout/concerts/fest/paloozas"

3: If you fall while jumping they will help you up even though they don't give a fuck.... WE GET IT!

4: Idolizes or is any member of new found glory, good charlotte, simple plan, sum 41, Blink 182, Weezer or green day after 1995
4b: Jones Soda, its good but seriously not that good!

5: Avril Lavigne Girls: wanting to be Avril Lavigne... ties and not having happy endings are very punkster because they dont care
5b: Avril Lavigne Boys: Or should I say "Skator Bois"

6: A Person trying to bring old styles from 70s and 80s and even early 90s back in style. Remember this is trying, they never really come back in style.... but after all they dont care!

7: No to also be confused with Goths, no bondage pants, but tight pants, made shirts, Sharpie Markered up Converse High Tops, and pink.

8: Guys who wear pink! IS very pinkster even though its very gay. But you can tell them and they wont care..... sadly... they just dont.... care

9: Crazy hair, must have black it int and very badly cut. Possbly even multi colored

10: One whom will look back on themselves in 10 years and relize how stupid they were and that they should of giving a fuck about them and what they looked like because now they have no friends and their very own family doesn't even want to know them beacuse they are outcast and and now ironicaly no one CARES about them.
Emo Fags
Members or wanan be members or:
Simple Plan
Green Day
New Found Glory
Good Charlotte
Avril Lavigne
Sum 41
Blink 182

"Hey look at the faggot punkster over there jumping around."
Punkster-"I DONT CARE!!!"
by K-Baby, Big K, Conner! January 02, 2005
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