That thing that happens when you’re late to something and other people get pissed off, but you have no idea why, and their response is always “punctuality”.
Not everyone lives on your time, it's called punctuality for a reason.
by x-marks-the-spot July 10, 2019
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The practice/habit of being punctual/on time.
When it comes to her job, punctuality is very important to her.
by Maya_miele_nyc November 26, 2019
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being on time. Not late. Prompt.
Tom isn't a very punctual person. He is always late for work.

I made a punctual payment for my bills each month.
by little_one December 18, 2007
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to convert a non punctual person to the path of punctuality
Man,Garen Krikorian is always late. We’ve gotta punctualize hime
by Maniac Manyak December 27, 2018
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being on time : PROMPT
promptness, readiness, regularity, promptitude More Synonyms of punctualness
I'll have to have a word with about his punctualness.
by harnav March 5, 2021
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adj.; punk-like; punkness
I never liked Nirvana. They were too punctual for me
by napoleon September 22, 2004
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A guy that has daily morning wood at the same time.
My boyfriend has such a punctual penis I could set my clock by it.
by Amphibious Goddess June 3, 2016
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