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In Queer speak, to walk fiercely from one point to another, as if you were a drag queen or some fabulous supermodel.
Look at Miss Honey, walkin' down the street, pumpin' like Ms. Naomi Campbell! WERK BITCH!!!
by Lola and La Lencha October 13, 2009
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same as bumpin
bumpin is to describe a person with loud ass subs while pumpin is a person without subs that turn it up loud

loud treble/bass

being used recently in the projects
damn dawg, that foo's car be pumpin.
fo sho homie, sounds decent for not having subs.
by loud speakas July 25, 2006
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Pronunciation: pOOhmpeen (poo-mpee-n) Pumpin: sing., masc.
Word in croatian language from dubrovnik dialect whitch was borrowed from italian pompino: blowjob.
Mala je dobra na pumpinā. -This girllittle one female is good blowjober.

'Ajde mi učini pumpin. -Come on, give me a blowjob.
Učinila mi je pumpin u autu. -She gave me a blowjob in a car.
by kekistanian123 March 22, 2017
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