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A pumphandle is a giant bulge in a mans pants showing off the fact that he has a huge pork sword.
Bill: "Dude did you see Justins Pumphandle"

Ambrose: "yeah, its so big i think he stuffs"

Random Bar Wench: "Trust me its fucking huge, he gave me a vaganus because of the size"
by Billisan September 01, 2008
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A sexual position were one holds their leg up behind their butt while standing and uses it like a pump handle to gain added leverage when hip thrusting.
"yeah it was great i think she enjoyed my new move the PUMPHANDLE."
by timbronnie May 17, 2005
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The ultimate enthusiastic greeting between best buddies or a guy to a girl he feels super-glad to see; it's where ya grab yer friend's hands and shake his arms vigorously up and down while making joyful enthusiastic "musical grunting" noises in time to the motions.
Huge-statured marshmallow-hearted guy, joyfully playing pump-handle with a cute fluffy little thing whom he hasn't seen for ages: URuh-URuh-URuh-URuh-URuh-URuh-URuh-URuh...!
Cutie: Hey --- don't wear out my arms, Mr. "URuh-URuh-URuh-URuh"!!
by QuacksO December 19, 2016
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