The gentle rectal pushing to check if you need to do a poo. Often accompanied by a vacant gaze up and to the left. Generally 2-3 pulses is sufficient to get confident whether you need to poop yet or if premature. The word is rarely spoken but pulsing is automatically done daily at least once.
Friend: "OK guys jump in the car for our road trip."
Pulser (while pulsing a few times): "Uuuuuuuuum, give me five mins please."
by DJtherealDJ August 6, 2013
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When you get so high that you can feel your blood pulsating throughout your body.
Friend: Damn I'm so high
You: I know man this shit got me on a pulse!
by V Y B 3 Z September 23, 2018
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Asserting your dominance over death.

A more hood way of saying "deadass" or no cap.
Hoe#1:Bruh there was coconut in there Im allergic. I coulda died

Hoe#2: Hahaha no pulse

Skaterboi: yo I'm so sick I just drank a whole bottle of cough syrup
Flowerass: ooo sis no pulse

My friend: no pulse
by Milfer1800 February 13, 2019
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Scottish cider which can be bought out of the off sales for £1.30 for a 1L
I got mad wae it on pulse lastnight, pished oot ma nut man
geez a tan a yir pulse
by a mad alky August 1, 2009
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A sleezy teen hangout. Consists of kids who are trying to score drugs, kids who are already on drugs, and kids that dont need to be dont ANYMORE drugs. All these kids have one thing in common, they all try to score free food from Burger King. They also persue sex and to get a blowjob/handjob/footjob from their girlfiend in the woods in back of the Vally Total Fitness, or a buttfuck by your ex-boyfriend. If you wish to accually fit in, arrive hopped up on any over the counter cough medicine, Robutussen would be perfered, tranqulizers, or "kind" bud as the wannabe burnout hippie population of the happening, exiting town of Bel Air call it.
boy 1: I fucked my girlfriend at the back of Pulse tonight!
boy 2: It was fucking pouring rain!!!!!

boy 1: Why'd you touch my sister! imma fight you nigga!
boy 2: I hang wit da crips yo, i kewl wit da crips, yo, my boyz are da crips, yo....... but i ain't no crip, yo
by Pied Pipper May 3, 2006
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A slang term for being "dead" from extreme laughter.
"Bro you saw my new post?" "Yeah it left me with no pulse" or just "no pulse
by JTBeatz April 28, 2020
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the pulse is the part of a techno song when the music gets lower and then comes in full strength , it can be compared to the breakdown of hardcore music
In clubs when everyone makes a circle to thrown down their dance moves it is during the pulse
by Tony Giamanno June 13, 2008
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