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This is when the partner of a women pulls on the labia of the vagina to stretch them out enough to cover the clitoris like window blinds. This act is very popular with lesbians.
Hey honey, Next time you are pulling the Blinds, don't pull so hard.
by italyboy11 August 03, 2008
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A sexual act in which a tampon's string is slowly pulled but not completely removed to provide stimulation.
Shawna was pulling the blinds on Diana to her extreme delight.
by run2themax November 25, 2009
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The sexual foreplay of pulling the string on window blinds just enough to cover the window latch. Scientists still cannot answer why only women have been known to be sexually gratified by blind pulling. Greater amounts of pleasure can be experienced with newer blinds and latches that are in pristine condition. Women love to do this when they visit each other's homes.
Yesterday morning Katie woke up to the delightful surprise of Monique pulling her blinds just the way she likes them pulled.

Your gamgam pulls her blinds every morning like clockwork.

Don't you hate it when your mom comes in your room to wake you up for school by pulling your blinds?!
She got leprosy from pulling the blinds so much.
by IPeeWhenIFart June 04, 2018
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