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"Pulling a Joe" means moving in on your friends girl or ex-girlfriend. Especially when there are deep feelings involved. “Pulling a Joe” is the ultimate diss to your guy friend.
Minags: What's wrong Carlo?
Carlo: Fuckin Ron. Pulled a Joe on me with Torri. I thought we were cool too.
Minags: Damn, sorry man. I didn't realize he was pulling a joe.
by Xenu312 May 30, 2009
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usually referring to a guy that just recently got rejected, where the man who got rejected makes it worse than it actually is, complains to everyone, and takes it out on those that tried to help him out of his depression.
Tim: yo what's up with Adam? he's been a real dick to me recently.

Ben: Madeline just told him they couldn't be anything more than friends... he's just pulling a Joe. He'll be fine.

Tim: That sucks... I still think he's being a dick.
by justgetoverit July 19, 2011
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When someone tells a story to one-up the current story being told. Usually involves something so outrageous, you are more interested in why they would tell such a lie than the story being told.
Chris: Hey, Bruce Lee was a great martial artist.

James: Yeah, he would have awesome to meet in person.

Joe: Yeah, my Dad sparred with him, and kicked his ass. My dad was trained by Frank Dux, and was responsible for the game Street Fighter, which is based on him.

James/Chirs: Wow, you sure are pulling a Joe with that one.
by BaconCheezburger March 24, 2010
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When it is only 10:00 am and you are already eating lunch.
Joe at my job eats lunch at 10:00 am....So early lunch is called pulling a Joe.
by THE GREAT 1967 March 04, 2011
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When one urinates in their tent, then proceeds to throw up and fall in it

flashing a paramedic is not necessary but it helps

can also be used as a verb as in 'guys i'm joe'ing all over the place' and 'man i totally just joe'd myself'
guys where's joe?' 'Oh he's pulling a joe again
by Tomhandpenis July 27, 2011
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Having half of your ass hanging out of your pants and not giving a shit. but not the same as sagging where boxers are being shown.
1. Roy get off my couch if your going to be pulling a Joe like that
by h4vik February 01, 2009
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