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Leaving a Discord channel after not talking for a short period of time.
Wow, he is always Pulling a Nate around this time.
by Zaden1337 January 07, 2018
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When you are trying to avoid a confrontation with a girl or guy who really likes you but you don't like you just never call again.
That guy was way too intense, Kym...I'm totally Pulling a Nate on him!
by ecc_chica February 19, 2010
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When your friend or collegue ditch you and your buddies to hangout with a girl.
Kyle: hey are we going to the movies this weekend
Oscar: nah bro derrik ended up pulling a nate.
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by Kreed yui December 18, 2017
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when you delete something on your wall on facebook that another person posted it can also happen with deleting comments on facebook
*on your wall* haha u suck
(you delete the post)
*person who posted on your wall*"dude that guy was just pulling a nate"
by mr.handy July 24, 2011
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