Insisting on staying someplace where you are obviously not wanted.
Dude, you've gotta leave my house right now! Nobody wants you here. You're pulling a Mubarak!
by desert phantom February 11, 2011
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To shut down the internet in an attempt to restore order and regain control. Coined from Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak's attempt to silence the Egyptian people during the 2011 Egyptian riots.
"Pull a Mubarak": The school administrators realized that we'd been using the computers to do non work-related tasks like checking Facebook and playing games, so they pulled a Mubarak on us all.
by AlexeiTheTroll February 14, 2011
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To make it a common assumption that you will leave or resign from something, and then not do it at all.
<bob> alright I'm getting off.
<joe> THANK GOD!
<bob> jkscammed!
<joe> damnit bob, don't pull a mubarak on us again.
by AlecDeGreat February 11, 2011
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