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Having a thing with a girl without ever clarifying what the thing is. When she asks you ignore her but continuously lead her on. You tell her you like her and hang out with her all the time but never tell her what you actually want.
Lizzy: "Hey girl. Whats wrong?"
Faith: "Yeah, why are you crying?"

Sam: "Because the guy I'm talking to is pulling a Connor."
by niglet017 May 07, 2018
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Pulling a Connor occurs during a game of pool or billiard. When a player goes to hit the white ball and sends it flying off the table, everyone laughs and says “you’re pulling a Connor”. It’s more funny when the individual is actually named Connor.
Haha you just pulled a Connor

“Haha pulling a connor
by RedHairGod June 02, 2018
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When one person takes the information of another's WoW and changed everything without consent.
Dude, I let Michael use my account and he took everything! He's Pulling A Connor!
by Mirie ;) February 28, 2013
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