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Either one or a combination of:
(1) staying in at night;
(2) being home by midnight;
(3) drinking water in an establishment that serves alcohol
Examples of "Pulling an Elliot"

(1) Staying in at night
Bob: "What did you do last night?"
Tom: "I pulled an Elliot - was in bed at 9 PM"

(2) Being home by midnight
Bob: "What happened to you last night? "
Tom: "I pulled an Elliot - said my goodbyes at 11:30 PM"

(3) Drinking Water in an Establishment that Serves Alcohol
Bob: "Tom wasn't in a drinking mood last night so he pulled an Elliot and drove us all home"
Tom: "Correct"
by Gator1206 December 20, 2016
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Quickly backing out of a parking spot without looking in the rear view mirror. Resulting in the hitting of a parked car, which leads to the 'Elliot' sporting the facial expression of a blow-up doll.

Could result in the appearance of a large man running towards the 'Elliot' yelling "What'd you do to my car, bitch?!"
Oh gosh! That guy is totally pulling an Elliot!

Susan and Julia backed their car out and almost pulled an Elliot.
by Jim Bob24 March 08, 2008
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