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When the stresses of work become so overwhelming and the nosh has runneth empty, that you have no other option then to walk to the local liquor store to purchase a pint of leeds and wallow your sorrows away at the Murray Hill train station.
Ugh, if this one keeps it up I'm about to pull a hammy.
by Cheetah T March 19, 2010
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To meet and socially (usually sexually) engage with a person (usually female) who is overweight and unattractive.

To have sex with a fat ugly woman.
"Went out last night and pulled a massive hammy, god I couldn't believe what I had done in the morning."

"My friend was so drunk he pulled a hammy and took her home."

"I'll give you fifty bucks if you pull a hammy tonight."
by boygoyo August 17, 2011
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