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To have completely unexpected, over-the-top violent reaction.

This stems from the Civilization series: All NPCs were given an aggression multiplier of 0-10, Ghandi’s of course, being 0. One of the traits reduced the aggression multiplier of NPC’s by 1, making 10 become 9, 3 become 2 and so on. Unluckily for the rest of the world, 0 is the smallest number in an unsigned byte, causing peaceful ol’ Ghandi to have an aggression multiplier of 255, resulting in much raping, pillaging and nuking of allies.
Joe So what's happening in the news today?
Steve North Korea's still trying to pull a Ghandi.

In a StoryI was down at the bar with Joe last night and we were both about four drinks deep into our guy's night out when some fucking klutz comes up behind him and spills his beer all over Joe's new shirt.
Joe's not too upset though, cuz it's just beer and this is Joe we're talking about, but the douchebag who got 'im covered in Guinness starts acting like it's Joe's fault! Tells all his buddies he's gonna beat Joe up, actin' tough.
Well, Joe just pulls a Ghandi on him. Broke his nose with that first punch and I don't think I've ever seen a man fly as far as our new bleeding friend did when he went out that window. The sound he made when the table followed him was pretty funny though.
by Tsarin March 30, 2013
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