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The feeling of being fat, lazy and sluggish while also feeling gloomy and sad.
"Uhh it's been a hard day! I'm feeling Pugsley and don't want to do anything right now
by LG4Ever October 07, 2013
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(also, pugince, kev, gimp) a pugsley is an extemely rare species (only one known specimen exists today) which translates to a horrible mess of a human being. Pugsley can usualy be found in a suberb called mansfield, usually late at night on thursdays, fridays, saturdays.
typical characteristics to look out for when pugsley spotting are horrible plastic permanantly grinning face, lack of motor co-ordination and excessive shouting/bad language due to alcohol abuse.
when not excessively drinking a pugsley will often be found in a local gymnasium working out as a pugsleys only goals in life are to get 'massive' and mate with female human beings. it must be noted that a pugsleys mating habbits are purely for pleasure/adding notches to the bedpost and not for re-production.
to ensure a genuine pugsley, some comments / statements it may verbally re-produce are as follows:

like it do ya?

not get better than this duck

'ahhhh ha'

wannalend me some money?... maybe

ya don't know owt about... (followed by what every the pugsley is showing off about at that precise moment in time)
by snake derek February 26, 2007
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Of or pertaining to annoying little dogs that f*ck the crap out of anything.
by Lethal June 16, 2003
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Nickname for a person who is quick to physically fight in response to disagreeable situations.

eager or quick to argue, quarrel, or fight:
synonyms: combative, aggressive, antagonistic, belligerent, bellicose; More
Yo, Pugsley, chill Man!
by Miss Teach April 27, 2017
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