puerto ricans are of spanish and african descent, because when the spanish had slaves they was makin love to africans thus puerto ricans came. Makin puerto ricans a gorgeous mix of culture.
most ricans if a niggarican have big booties and sexy hair, and pretty dark brown eyes, sexy skin tone, and just all around gorgeous; as far as the women go kuz I dont know bout da men.(brittney c dont have a clue of what she spittin).
by SEATTLEDIPLOMAT October 30, 2004
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People who come from Puerto Rico.
They all mainly look the same, and are known for being lower status, unlike Dominicans.
Guy1: That's one ugly Dominican.
Guy2: Please man, He's puerto rican.
Guy1: That makes more sense.
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A person that has parents/grandparents who where born in Puerto Rico or still live there. mostly (in the US at least) don't give a crap what people think of them and think they can do whatever they want. and if you end up walking in the same line as one move out of there way or you will collide, because everyone knows they are way better then everyone else
Puerto Rican typing: y0 nikka wnna hng ut 2dy.
by lololumad? August 07, 2012
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The Latino people who are really over confident and obnoxious and like to fight like men whether they are men or women. Unfortunately Americans think all Latinos are Puerto Ricans and its humiliating because they act so ghetto.
"You looking at boyfriend bitch?! I'm Puerto Rican and ill rip your hair out!"

Actually I was looking at the clock on the wall behind you so pike down cause I wouldn't touch a man whose been with you."
by Jss June 10, 2013
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