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The type of crap electro-rock music you sometimes find in pubs. Play on words combining the words "Pub" and "Dubstep". Bands usually have pretentious names such as "Optic Nerve" or "Hindsight".
God, that pubstep was awful, especially their cover of those Depeche Mode songs.
by chikkinsammich January 30, 2012
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An all-inclusive communal gathering - a meeting of the senses, channeled through various forms of music, trychels and wobble boards especially, all down your local watering hole.
Sniffters and caraffs of wine are customary.
Pubstep - the new craze sweeping wine bars up and down the recession-free world.
by bifty_shugger March 28, 2009
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Pubstep is Irish dubstep music or dubstep being played in a pub
*In Irish Pub*
-Turn up the Pubstep!
by GeThEfAxScRaIgHt June 04, 2011
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Describes the motion of a heavily inebriated patron who is unable to walk straight without wobbling from leg to leg, provoking an instant comparison to the wobbly motion of the modern dubstep rave elephant.
Hey man, you see that wasted guy over there?! He's totally listening to pubstep right now!
by The_Red_Chili March 26, 2011
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