A mobile version of the game PUBG that usually poor south asians play desperately in order to claim themselves as "gaymers", playing this game on emulator is also a way to come out as gay towards your friends and family.
Hey my friend Nikhil is a gaymer, he plays pubg mobile.
by WhoIsATrueGamerX July 11, 2020
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Pubg Mobile is a chinese made version of pubg, it's owned by tencent which is known for being chinese and spying on you. this bug filled shitbag is very popular in the country called georgia. it's somehow worse than the pc version of pubg.
it has the same crappy vehicle physics as the pc version that developers from pubg praise, even though it feels like you are driving a feather. also you have free aimbot and it's filled with people 11 years old to 14 years old. most people are gonna be arabic or somewhere from there, so you will never understand anyone.
boy: bro wanna play Pubg?
boy2: the Pubg Mobile one or the dead one?
boy: the mobile one
boy2: meh they are both shit
by Agenius2.0 October 04, 2020
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A free game for mobile peasants, with a community full of cringe, like Fortnite. The game infecting online gaming community with normies, who think they are really cool because they play online games.
Girl: Hey let's play PUBG.
Boy: What you play is PUBG Mobile. STFU.
Girl: Doesn't matter. Let's play!!!
Boy: Let's breakup.
by plxacceptthis March 18, 2019
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A game most mobile users get when they don't have money to buy a PC. I mean its fun and i don't have a monster PC and its free i don't see why this game s hated by the PC community its a mobile game for people who don't have money
Guy 1: you play PUBG MOBILE it sucks
Guy 2: Well i'm poor so FUCK OFF
by Averagemale97 April 08, 2019
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An Online Mobile Game which Indians play in their free time while working at 7-eleven. Most Indians pronounce it as Pubaji Mowbile👌.
I Play Pubaji Mowbile👌
I Watch T-series and play Pubg mobile
Is it racist if I say all Indians play Pubg mobile
by Foofoogoogoo March 09, 2021
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The most realistic game... Now in your hands. Voice chat is F-Bomb land. Always saying f word
by UltraBusGamePlayZ June 16, 2019
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