When my son Skippy burped up something that smelled like ass. NASTY ASS.. I asked him what crawled in his mouth and died? He replied 'I had chinese today'. I replied you had pug today.
by holly palmer November 29, 2007
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A Pug is a small breed of Dog That's great around kids and is very friendly, although their faces are smushed in causing them to look ugly to some. Pugs all in all if you think their ugly or cute they are one of the pretty popular breeds of dog originating from China. They come in Two Colors: Fawn and Black. They have little curly tails and will eat almost anything they find.
1: Pugs are dumb!
2: Pugs are the best dog in the world!
3: Pugs are alright I guess...
by PotatoDoggo July 07, 2017
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To drink liquid (usually beer) in an exceptionally fast manner. Used mainly in the greater Boise area.
pug that beer brehhh, we gotta go!
by Tha boi boi 4 real November 17, 2010
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Pugs are the single most adorable creatures on the face of the Earth!
The pug is a breed of dog.
by futurepresident March 21, 2015
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