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To pummel a 1337 h4x0r with prunes or related fruits. Some vegetables may also be deemed allowable...or starches.

Can be used as Noun, Adj., Adv., Verb, and occasionally and Interjection.

Origin: from the Latin Prungimus Maximus, meaning: one who is well adept at pummeling with prunes.
Man, did u see that chicken mcnublet? What a prunge.

Dude, that is one prunge haxor!

Anne prungily slipped passed her evil twin who tried to run her through with a sharpened 2x4.

Dude, I think i just prunged my pants.
by Ogre_Bob January 23, 2004
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Prunge is a pseudo-genre of music but serves the purpose of categorizing twenty-something hipsters who play a style of music that has the poppy hooks and songwriting styles of modern spam-pop(of course ironically imitating the likes of kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, or kanye west), with the nostalgic aesthetics and instrumentation of 90's grunge. Of course, GID(grunge is dead) but the BIGGIE/2-Pac/Nirvana/My Bloody Valentine generation's music has an unavoidable influence of this era. Sometimes they have a female lead who is quite attractive(think Bat4Lashes singer) or looks like the fat girl from Jefferson Airplane. Frequently, they play on the sidewalk in sincere hipster havens such as Philly, Brooklyn, Williamsburg, or Oakland.
Old hip-hopster: "Yo, check out that prunge band doing an absurd cover of Karma Police! Why are they playing on the corner of Broad and Allegheny with a guitar case out like anyone around here is going to know that song?!"
Former hipster with original tatoos that he got in 1998: "well, I don't think they really need the money, they're just slummin dude...I think they go to Temple. Oh yea! I remember seeing those kids getting robbed up on Girard last weekend!"
by aranton Bilkie August 25, 2013
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