Descriptive word for something/someone that's lame, naff, dull or in some way prudish or frumpy. Used in a light-hearted or comic way.
"My mum says I have to wear these reflective strips when I cross the road at night so cars can see me."
"Oh my god, that's so pruney."

"Christian rock is complete prunes."

"Gillian McKeith is such a prune."
by prunellaprunes June 25, 2009
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Pruney Jr. had the first Jewish synagogue service at UVA football Sundays.
by Coop Dupe June 1, 2018
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Use this term when telling a guy you banged his sister, mom, girl he likes etc. Always be hole specific as to help add to the hilarity of the situation. Hopefully he will be too disgusted from the mental picture to beat your ass. Also used to make a sex story more vivid and funny.
Dude I was layin' the cable in your mom so long I got left with a bad case of pruney Peter.
by Snuffleupagus Birdraper September 29, 2010
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A time when two people enter a relationship
"Are you two having datey pruney figgey time?"
by Frandia July 25, 2008
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