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This is what happens when a bunch of redneck wankers finally get the truck running long enough to leave the trailer park and drive around yelling names at anyone who doesn’t wear a MAGA hat and smell like beer piss.
Those proud boys were sure as hell surprised to find out that the 6’ 2” 275 lb power lifter didn’t like being called “libtard”.
by Goatrael July 15, 2018
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Masculinity’s weak stomach vomiting up its own digestive bacteria and manifesting itself as counterfeit fortitude.
The Proud Boy threw a tantrum because he feared the woman’s superior intelligence.
by Dumdumdummy May 17, 2018
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The sad-ass personification of male insecurity, the last vestiges of a dying mentality desperately trying to maintain relevance in a globalized, changing world which is rapidly seeing to their diminishing relevance.
"Hurr durr men r suposed to act ths way, woman r sposed to act tht way"
"Ur a good proud boy"
by Burzghash June 09, 2018
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A group of racist, homophobic alt-right males who are so fuckin' stupid and so far in the closet they don't even realize they're gay despite the fact that they picked the gayest name imaginable for their group. They dress alike, and get the group name tattooed on them in a totally gay font. Group meetings generally consist of watching Brokeback Mountain, while discussing the importance of not masturbating.
"Where's Gavin?"
"He's gone to another Proud Boys meeting"
"Figures... I always knew that dude was totally gay"
by NorthwestCoast August 12, 2018
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A man who treats their body like a temple; no drugs, no masturbation, no unhealthy food.
Guy 1: Yo trynna get high af and have a circle jerk then get some shit for our munchies.

Guy 2: Naw Im a proud boy, Ill just come and watch.
by Tiny Ol' Rick December 25, 2016
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