Something guys often are over their girlfriends. They often lose their girlfriends in 3-7 days because their annoying.
"Hey how's your girlfriend man?"
"God, don't be so fucking protective!"
by thejamdude January 5, 2006
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U use this while having Sex. or well u are SUPOSED to use it if u dont want a Baby :
yah that guy didnt use protection so he has a kid now :
by graceafina120 January 14, 2007
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A man that trolls non-stop and speaks out his mind to anyone. Simply saying "Fuck you" to anyone he hates and shitting wherever and whoever he wants to shit on.
1. "Yo man that fucking troll is a Protection."

2. "He went all Protection on those forums."

3. "I like him because hes a Protection."
by Iamapiboss August 3, 2010
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the act of stopping cruise ships from exploiting marine natural resources
The USFG should substantially increase the protection of marine natural resources by regulating cruise ship dumping.
by Ching Chong Teriyaki Sauce March 11, 2004
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Regulations are not protection.
by Urban Dictionary Staff March 3, 2004
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to command a complete cessation of use of resources
The United States Federal Government should...wait...nothing meets....
by Josh August 29, 2004
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