When you have a rock hard boner and then you fall forward and it crushes your dick, causing extreme discomfort and possible suicide.
I went to the hospital because I proned and boned
by Eateateateat August 20, 2019
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describes a person that looks attractive; somebody with whom one would like to have sexual intercourse
I don't care if she's 52 years old-- Sheryl Crow is prone to bone.
by Uncle Snake December 13, 2014
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The sex position in which the girl is laying flat (emphasis on laying completely flat) on her belly with penis entry from behind. This position often enables the female to work the muscles in the region resulting most likely in an overpleasurable time for the man involved, thus causing premature ejaculation.
I nailed Lucy in prone bone last night!
by boll September 1, 2007
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