An object (most of the time) that is substantial or of importance
Becky have you seen that show "The Cosmos" ? That shit is prominent as fuck!! Especially when your high as FUCK!!
by stoner2003 May 10, 2015
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A purple abominal "smoke"man that is a stripper and eats prom queens.
by magseee January 06, 2011
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A guy who dresses smart, will pay for the drinks and will smoke nothing but a quality sigar. Always has a light scent of money on him but normally covers that up with expensive cologne. He will walk into a party with a tailored suit on and will leave with a stunning sexy lady under each arm. Knows how to seduce ladies and ladies know they want to be seduced by him. Looks so good men will call him gay, ladies will call him the one. Stands out in a room and is always looking proud, quite rightly too.
Sexy model: Wow look at him.
Sexy model 2: Wow he stands out in that suit, looks so handsome, I know who Im leaving with tonight.
Sexy model: Yeah he's really prominent, I bet he'll buy me a drink.
Sexy model 2: I think I can smell his money from here.
Sexy model: He's amazing.
by pdsc October 13, 2013
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Those type of girls that are rare to find, generally very pretty, very good personality and a good sense of style.
"oh god, that person is promination"
"That girl is so prom"
by Fredrick Sir Winkle bottom November 18, 2011
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A reference to a man’s groin and the extent his business is prominent in his clothing, often greatly influenced by the type of underwear worn.
When this guy walks up to perfect strangers, it’s clear that they make every attempt to try to avoid staring at his nearly obscene nut prominence.
by Dr Bunnygirl August 27, 2019
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