A woman who participates in the workforce and who generally receives some type of specialization or higher education training.
Her mom is a professional woman. She owns her own business and everything!
by NopeNope April 16, 2013
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Quite simply, it means "bitch." Its a term often used in areas where people describe themselves, such as online dating sites (which is often the only place for them to get dates, since anyone who encounters them in real life realizes how unpleasant they are.)

Professional women generally have thinly disguised contempt for males, and are likely to remain single and childless well into their 30's, since they are about as nurturing as an electric chair.
I met a chick on Match.com last week who said she was a professional woman. Man, what an angry bitch!
by Two11two December 30, 2009
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this is not jus a chickenhead this is the kind of girl that even hos call a slut

can usually b found w/ a guy who has money or pretends to slobbin that knob
abbrev. P.W.O.N
jimmy the bum: can i have a quarter?
P.W.O.N: u have a quarter? wanna go into that McDonald's bathroom?
jimmy: damn u's a P.W.O.N
by smartylicious December 23, 2003
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A female social media influencer who has seemingly endless financial resources despite having no discernable skills or qualities other than being attractive.

Typically they can be found in the form of an Instagram model or yoga instructor originating from the central United States (almost always teaching abroad.) Their beliefs tend to be an amalgamized Americanization of various East-Asian cultures which they themselves believe to be a living embodiment of. (This is only elevated if they experiment with psychedelics.) Don't expect them to give any thought to any sort of cultural appropriation because they have already appointed themselves as an exemption. They also see themselves as the white savoir to any foreign land they visit.

Their behavior leans towards them being far more in touch with the universe than the average person. If you have a piece of art or a quote they like, be prepared for an uncredited repost which will result in more likes and views than your "normy" account could dream of. Story posts tend to be about "gratitude" or how enlightened they are about the world around them.

Do not mistake them with a Karen as Professional White Women (or PWWs) are usually more on the mellow side. However, with declines in followers and age they are known to evolve into a Karens as their entitlement goes ungratified.
Jeremiah: "Whatever happened to Hanna from high school?"
Becky: "She's a Professional White Woman now."
Jeremiah: "What the hell does that mean?"
Becky: "She's like a social media influencer, but worse."
Jeremiah: "Must be nice to be hot for a living."
by J. Gyll June 4, 2021
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