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to procrastinate to the point where you hate yourself and in turn get nothing done so you hate yourself more and the vicious cycle continues until said task is completed.
"John, you're procrastihating on your history essay again."
"Man, this paper is due in less than an hour and I haven't even started yet. I procrastihate myself right now."
by Female Gumby December 19, 2016
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The art of waiting to hate until it will have the greatest affect on the hatee.
Hater 1: See that guy talking to that chick? I hate that guy.
Hater 2: go cockblock him then.
Hater 1: Na, I'ma wait till he's done spittin his game.
Hater 2: So you gonna Procrastihate, NICE!!!
by IceColdNinjaBeast February 04, 2010
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