A man who is very popular, usually celebrated in many ways, athletic in some ways.

Can be an asshole, but when it comes to someone he loves that person can mean everything to them.
The type of person to be the most live at public events
Seen as attractive, very good at talking to females.
Wow, i need to get me a Probus!
by the man x14 October 13, 2017
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(n) an asshole
a guy who cannot be trusted
likes virgins
uses girls
"what a probus, i cannot believe he'd date that girl" said bob
by peyton h. April 28, 2008
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1. a douchebag

2. a boneheaded fool, a dork, fruitcake,

3. a hippie/ Beatles hater!!!!

4. a fool who doesn't go to the doctor, even though he keeps hurting his arm

5. a nice guy

6. ooogs <---exactly!!!

7. clueless , a completely clueless guy who doesn't get girls, but does at the same time

8. a cool kid
"Dude it's Probus, it needs no explanation." said Lemonade.
by Sir Ama Eciyoj March 7, 2008
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