A person who does not care for ships and content that is , what some may find, controversial. Such as; pedophilia or rape etc.
A pro shipper may read or see this content but they do not believe that there is anything wrong being done, as it is fictional.

Other people, known as antis, do not believe in this as it could be problematic and offensive to others who may have experienced these things in real life.
Pro shipper: "this content is not offensive it is fictional and the characters do not have actually trauma and emotions"

Antis: "well i believe this is wrong as it could be triggering or offensive to people who has experienced it first hand"

PSA: Both sides should not be hated on, But please teach instead of threatening the other side. It doesn't matter which side you are on please do not threaten people, they have lives and emotions too!!!
by Citcizmurdoch March 2, 2021
A pro shipper is a top-notch delivery person who has earned the respect of people in their workplace. They often receive higher pay than ordinary delivery people.
Person 1: "This golden egg looks really special. I'll take Person 2 off the job, because it should be handled by our pro shipper: Person 3!"
by orararararararars November 29, 2021
someone who doesn't care what other people ship in fiction and fandom, because it's not real and you should be able to enjoy fandom without gatekeeping antis. pro shippers may or may not ship a "bad" ship, but it doesn't matter because if you don't like it, you just click away or blacklist a tag.

pro shippers are sometimes people who are writing dark concepts and relationships for cathartic reasons related to their own trauma, and they are sometimes people who just like dark stories in general because they're interesting. of course there is the occasional pedophile, because that's impossible to avoid, but the majority of pro shippers are just people who care more about respecting opinions rather than sending hate.

see also: pro shipping, proship, pro-ship
Pro shipper: I don't really care what you ship as long as you tag it properly. We shouldn't send hate to people.
Anti: I agree. But you still shouldn't ship insert "bad" ship! It's really unhealthy because character a is 41 and character b is 18! You're a pedophile!
Pro shipper: This is exactly what I mean.
by Maven Morozova January 21, 2021
A Pro-Shipper is a person who is open to nearly all fan based relationships.

Unlike the Anti-Antis, this mindset is not governed by one's urge to go against other groups and instead accepts and support their favored subject based on their own morals and comforts.

Please note that most Pro-Shippers are different from each other and have different tastes, morals and values.
Pro-Shipper: "I like this relationship! And even though it's not true to the story, I'd really like to see it in some kind of media! On second thought, I'll go ahead and make said media!"
by ArkNOars March 17, 2021
A type of fandom fan that firmly believes "fiction does not affect reality" and commonly defends, creates or enjoys "dead dove" content, such as CP pedo relationships, incest, assault and rape. These topics are not just discussed, they're very romanticized and turned into something appealing to pro shippers, not denounced as disgusting. Pro shippers will say they get harassed and then post literal CP and pick fights with 15 year olds on Twitter over it. You can identify a popular pro shipper very quickly, by their "+18" warning and other labels such as "characters are aged up for lewds" and pedo ship profile pics because they make feuding with irl minors into a personality. Also known for thinking they're avant garde and revolutionary for supporting free speech when they're really just defending anime CP
Normal person: "pro-shippers are 25+ year olds who will post incest and CP on public forums in fanbases meant for and swarming with children and then cry when people say that's weird"

Pro shipper:"But I'm coping with my trauma!"

Normal person: "cool story, you're still posting romanticized lewds of anime 15 year olds in front of real 15 year olds."
by Raiiiny February 22, 2022
A weirdo, by all means needed do not interact with them
Pro shipper: anti-anti🍖🌈
Normal person: ngga bfr...
by narukzmi September 24, 2022
You remember that one girl in your 4th grade class with the dyed side part that always had a My Hero Academia or My Little Pony notebook? That’s a pro shipper. Instead of being the weird introverted kid, they’re now a 23 year old adult that hibernates on the cesspool known as Twitter. Sometimes they’re artists that create very controversial art with themes such as Pedophilia, Rape, Necrophilia, etc. Sometimes they’re just there to repost terrible art for regular people to see and to argue with 14 year olds on how their Loli attraction is completely normal and how they’re not a potential predator.
That person creates a lot of Loli hentai, they must be a pro shipper
by Azorrkk April 1, 2022