3 definitions by mafiaMike

To be able to shoot your load with distance and precision.
Dudette:. My bf is a sniper, he aims for my titties and hits them every time.....mmmmjizzz
by mafiaMike July 2, 2018
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When you are fucking your girl from behind and pull out before blowing your load. You then take aim spunking in her eye as she looks back at you wondering why you don't want to give her a cream pie.
Dude#1:. How come your gf is squinting?
Dude#2: I have here the private eye last night.
by mafiaMike July 2, 2018
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When you go to the washroom and witness a gang of dudes docking, and then they anally invade you because you caught them.
Dude #1...*walking funny*
Dude #2: you ok? What happened?
Dude #1: I went to take a piss but was greeted by the washroom mafia.
by mafiaMike July 2, 2018
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