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When a bitch be actin like her man MUST provide every and all of her wants and desires, talkin shi' up in the spot about how her man be doin allllll her biddings and basicallys, and all his attention must be about achieving the princessing bitch's desires.

Princessing -

(a) When a female is in the act of running her mouth about how her man does more than a reasonable amount of any thing she wills
(b)When a male is in the act of allowing a female to more than reasonably will his actions in any form(money, attention, seclusion)
Yo, dawg, your old lady be princessing the fuck outta you! What is she doin that's got your wallet princessing all over the mall? Yo, you be totin bags for that princessin bitch ALL the DAMN time THOMAS!! <-not an inside joke
by gsusgod October 27, 2012
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The act of letting a girl fall asleep comfortably with her head facing upwards in a man's lap.
She was tired and needed affection , so she asked her boyfriend if he enjoyed princessing her, hoping to fall asleep in his lap .
by Your Captain Jack October 10, 2011
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