A woman who is aroused by massive or minimal dumpage on her chest/body.
Brandi "the toilet princess" loves having her girlfriend take dumps on her chest.
by Tirissa March 8, 2018
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Shes a beautiful girl whos been heartbroken too many times. She is a fragile soul. She is the sweetest person when it comes to love but from all the other guys who beat her heart up makes her struddle in relationships. But when you have her hold her close and say you love her. For she will say it back and mean it with every fabric of her being.
Shes a torn princess. She looks like a torn princess.
by ViolinCat27 December 13, 2018
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A girl who doesn't look like a drugged out junkie but is. More so refers to hardcore drugs such as meth, heroin, coke, crack, and various pills.
Are you sure she's got a gram a day heroin addiction? She's wearing Juicy sweatpants and uggs for God's sake.

Yeah, I'm positive. She's a total track princess.
by Marty's Tshirt December 24, 2013
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Here's parcel is for St James' Princess.
Oh, it's Anqi's.
by Ped_ Xing March 9, 2022
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An amazing actress for the stage. Some one considered royalty because they always do an amazing job.
Do you se her? Now she is a Theatre Princess.
by Niker411 December 25, 2016
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