A sweetheart of a guy who can light up anyone's day with his jokes. Dressed, normally with class, Princely may not be the most popular guy but is definitely the coolest. He's easy going, easy to talk to, funny, cute, incredibly fit, smart and wise beyond his years. He's a little shy but insanely outgoing around his friends. He can make anyone laugh, knows how to treat a girl right and is loves cuddling. He genuinely cares about everyone he loves and loves everyone. Princely is a bit of a show off at times but if you get to really know him you'll realize he's a deep, insecure and one of the most amazing friends you will ever make in your entire life. He'd make the most amazing boyfriend in the history of man-kind. If you ever have the privileged to have him in your life don't take it for granted and never let go of him as a friend or anything else.
Girl1: I need a guy who can always be there for me and really cares...

Girl2: Giiirrrrlll get cho' self an Princely!!
by Thatboyricc June 20, 2018
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A very athletic person, respects women and is loved by everyone.
Prince is cute and very polite
by Realiestalive February 15, 2017
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Prince is the coolest friend you can ever have, he is funny, cool, and loyal.
Damn, i wish i could be Prince
by MemeGod1010 March 7, 2020
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Prince is handsome but not hansome, he can be pretty but sometimes ugly if he doesn’t make time for it. Prince is hilarious and can make a sad or angry person laugh. He has a good taste of clothes.
Prince is handsome
by yousssra September 9, 2020
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(Verb) Ditching a friend or a group of friends in order to go talk to go flirt with people.
Matt: Where the hell is he going?
Jackson: He's just princing man. He always does that when he sees her.
by chimbuchi November 3, 2017
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The God of Music. Prince Rogers Nelson. The best musician to ever exist in the history of mankind. Master of over 59 different musical instruments. One of the most prolific artists ever, including enough music in his vault to release new albums for over 50 years upon his death. Winner of countless lifetime and album awards. Inventor of the "Minneapolis sound", a very funky style of music. Calls Detroit his second home due to earlier career success, despite never having lived there. Heterosexual. Changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol for a short time to work around contract restraints with Warner Brothers.
"Prince's new album 3121 set another record for him this past year by debuting at #1 on the Billboard charts."
by Noblesdown October 25, 2006
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The strange cultural icon who and the "Revolution" completed a land slide victory against Charlie Murphy and his crew of flunkies at a game of basketball.
"Prince was crossing people over like Iverson, getting rebounds like Barkley, snatching it down!"
by Rusty Williams August 29, 2006
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