A male that has surpassed being fresh and good looking. Super Swagged Up.

Coined by Lil B of The Pack
My name is Lil B and I'm a Pretty Bitch!
by Based Boy June 5, 2010
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You surpassed being a pretty boy which makes you prettier then all your bitches (females)
Damn BasedGod, Im a Pretty Bitch.
by BasedSwag December 30, 2011
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Pretty Bitch is a bitch that has a pretty face.
Pretty Bitch is a skinny psycho
by Skinny honky September 3, 2009
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A female with a skinny waist, pretty eyes and is just overall gorgeous. Usually rich ASL and wears a different outfit every single day, but, don’t mistake them for hoes or thots a lot of them are not they just happen to be really pretty and fun to be around.
by BBY_ceci November 20, 2019
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A word that defines us pretty ladies who can't stop shopping and even though we have no money.

Created by meghanrosette/istalkmeghan of youtube.com
Girl 1: Wanna go shopping?
Girl 2: You know we're both pretty bitch broke!
Girl 1: And you're point is...
by laurarella October 16, 2011
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A female that is all the opposite of the stereotype labels given to females that are annoying. Sometimes described as one of the guys in a non butch, lesbian or dykish way.
Billy Bob, "I met this girl last night that I might want to hang out with again. She's fun, isn't needy, independent, isn't all into herself and looks good too." Billy Bob's Friend, "Well she sounds like a pretty cool bitch."
by alwaysabadgirl August 15, 2011
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She's the type of girl that will lure you in with her good looks, then cast you out with her foul temper.

She's the type of girl that will make you fall in love, then break your heart at its most vulnerable stage.

She's the type of girl who's words your infatuation will turn into sweet melodies, yet all she's doing is lying to your face.

She's the type of girl who you've dreamed of pleasuring for many years, yet fucks your best friend on a daily basis.

She's the the type of girl you'd die for, but she wouldn't care if you did.

She's the type of girl you'd cry for, but she'd just laugh and tell you to 'man up'.

She's the type of girl you'd treat like a princess, only to be ignored at every opportunity.

She's the type of girl you'd fight for, only to be left in the friendzone.
by betaasfuck October 18, 2012
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