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Whistle Honky is an evolutional being of Skinny Honky. It contains the traits of Blacks, Aboriginals and Whites. In fact, it has the trait of crafty from the White; savage from the Aboriginals; and stupidity from the Blacks.

It’s absolutely a Grotesque. Some of them are quite handsome, and some of them can be absolutely freaks. And plus the characteristics of savage, crafty, stupility….
“Your momma is a black”
“Your momma is a Whistle honky, V”
by Skinny honky August 24, 2009

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Scum pig is different from ordinary pig. It’s the latest creation from The Red Neck laboratory. It combined the ordinary characteristics from the White pig and the Black pig. The result is successful, however, the pig is only allowed to be produced in Australia and New Zealand. The main reason is the smell of pig is horrible and only the native aboriginals and Maori can tolerate it.
“Oh, this pig smells horrible, it must be a scum pig”
by Skinny honky August 26, 2009

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Pretty Bitch is a bitch that has a pretty face.
Pretty Bitch is a skinny psycho
by Skinny honky September 03, 2009

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