Coolest bitch you'll ever meet. Likes to fuck around and break hearts. Usually has a light skin complexion. Colored eyes and curly hair, better than most girls out there.
Person 1: Whoa that girls gorgeous and broke my heart
Person 2: Typical Prestine
by Gtfaaghd January 13, 2016
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Writing done so quickly that it is fraught with errors.
"The town supervisor is so busy, his email is filled with typos. The whole letter is prestine."
by MagillaGavilla October 27, 2017
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person1 :i just met a prestin
person2: can i have her digits?
by macy1234lmfao November 14, 2011
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Baddest motherfucker ever. He loves to breaks heart and like to cause trauma. Steer clear of one, they can suck yo dick in 1 millisecond.
I saw a prestin working at hooters.
by May 18, 2022
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Dirty. Just absolutely fucking filthy. Often filled with trash from the local Taco Bell.
" Man, my mustang stays PRESTINE!"
by KingKozuma December 31, 2021
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