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To find out what you are actually going to research, once you get there. Well known to lazybums who don't bother reading assignments and such.
"What are you going to write about in your Bachelor Assigment?"

"I don't really know yet, still haven't done my presearch"
by Arne And October 28, 2008
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(verb) to look up information on the internet or by other means with regards to a potential hire or applicant to get an idea as to what they are like. Can be detrimental if you have stupid pictures of yourself doing a beer bong or making out with a farm animal.

A combination of the prefix "pre," and the word "research"

-ing (present tense, VT); -ed (past tense)
Me: How did your job interview go?

Them: Well, I got a call back canceling the interview. They presearched me and found that pic at your party of me making out with your dog. I guess they don't take to kindly to that...

Me: WTF?
by mkultra4013 February 13, 2010
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