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All the tunes on Metallica's Garage Inc. records
I betcha didn' know Breadfan from Metallica's Garage Inc Vol. II was actually a premake by a band called Budgie?
by Der Gelb Baron October 18, 2010
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the original version of a song that another band has made a remake of, often used in a sarcastic manner
My friend told me "Live and Let Die" was his favorite Guns-N-Roses song, he seemed suprised when I told him Paul McCartney had done a premake of that song.
by Mr.Juan-derful September 20, 2010
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The original movie/film that a remake is based on, especially when the original is more obscure and less widely-seen.
The premake of 'The Grudge' is 'Ju-on: The Grudge'.
by Fleurs de Mal November 22, 2004
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Re-imagining a popular modern-day film as if it were filmed in the past. Created and popularized by youtube user "whoiseyevan".
I didn't know Ghostbusters was created in the 50s.

No, dude. It wasn't. You're thinking about the premake.
by Beaglejuice October 05, 2009
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The premature departure of the tip of ones turd or Make

Premake peeks out of the ass just prior to a complete evacuation of the bowels. It combines extreme Urgency with One's need to Make.

Premake is variation of the expression To Make, which is the same as saying Go #2 or take a dump or drop a deuce or Take the Browns to the Super Bowl
Often used interchangeably with the terms Prarie Dogging a peeker

Dude, go on to the front of the line. It looks like You've got Premake .

When you've got Premake that serious You may as well start thinking of names for what is sure to follow.
by Random Bastard January 08, 2012
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