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v. Pretending to play a stringed instrument with a tune in the background; the obvious result being it will look as if the music were coming forth from the instrument itself.

Pickync is short for pick synchronisation which is inspired by the more popular portmanteau lip synchronisation (more commonly referred as lipsync.) Here, pick is taken to mean the little plastic/bone/ivory/metal whatchamacallit hoojamaflip that certain guitar players (among several other stringed instrumentalists) use to strum their stringed instrument.

Depending on the degree of the observer's intelligence, thier attention to detail and their understanding of the concepts of vibrating length and thickness of the string, and the timbre of the instrument and its implications on the intonation and tone of the instrument, picksyncers may or may not pull off being real.

In all likeliness, picksyncers (good ones atleast) can only be made out as fakers by seasoned fellow operators of stringed instruments.
People always diss Lemolok on Youtube for picksyncing to a MIDI version of Necrophagist's Seven on a ukulele, but I think he did a fairly good job of making it look and sound real.
by Der Gelb Baron June 16, 2010
Ram and Sita's honeymoon turned into hellmoon on the second day when Sita suddenly realized Ram was a jerk and Ram realized that Sita yakked too much.
by Der Gelb Baron June 22, 2010
All the tunes on Metallica's Garage Inc. records
I betcha didn' know Breadfan from Metallica's Garage Inc Vol. II was actually a premake by a band called Budgie?
by Der Gelb Baron October 18, 2010
When you want to piss but the damn pee won't come out! Possibly because your urethra is jammed with cum, pussy juice, coke, whatever

Etymology: verb form of constapiss, which is cheaply and crudely derived from the term constipate
Adam: I nearly blew my balls out when I tried to take a piss... I was constipissing!

Lilith: Have you been jamming blow up your urethra again?!

Adam (meekly): yes :(
by Der Gelb Baron September 28, 2010
An emergent trend in the world of business and corporates where big takes over many smalls engaged in a variety of industries among other practises
New Business Order is the New World Order! Just look at Google... first the cyberspace, then hardware... and now energy! What next? Google insurance and Google chocolate chip cookies?
*Larry Paige and Sergey Brin laugh manically in the background*
by Der Gelb Baron July 28, 2010
Artistic quotient is the perceived level of artistic taste an individual possesses. Abbreviated as AQ.

According to the purveyors of this term, a person with a high artistic quotient is one who indulges in art that is underground, non-mainstream, quirky, eclectic or kvlt.
Death metal guy: Hey, how did your date go?

Indie filmmaker guy: Bad ... she listens to Lady Gaga.

Death metal guy: Oh ... can I have her number then?

Indie filmmaker guy: Are you fucking kidding me! Do you want me to repeat how low her Artistic Quotient is!
by Der Gelb Baron December 5, 2011
It's when you nod off for those few precious seconds after a really intense orgasm.

But there's more to be said.

It's a delicate dance your dick throbs satisfyingly to as you find yourself flirting between consciousness and death; fighting to fade back blissfully into nothingness, while you muster every bit of energy to keep your body going on.

You could dance between the binary states, life and death, for a couple of seconds, but if you don't pull yourself together soon enough, you'd be that dead wimp who proves you don't need a plastic back to choke yourself to death.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAh ... Noureen!!!!!


*fade out*
*fade in*
*fade out*

*fade in*

Intense!!!! Best frickin' Orgasmic Black Out ever!
by Der Gelb Baron November 19, 2011