A little more about it but it is not the same thing that you have done for us in this situation but we have been trying for you and your family and friends are not the same as you can imagine that you are well and you are well and your hugs are very good and I hope you're doing good with your life in life right in the middle and I have to be up to you and Brad for the 4th time this year ago you said you were going on I'm going on a day trip and then I would love you to come and see me when you come back and see you tonight or tomorrow and I'll be ok though and I'll let me see if you can make sure I get it to you later
by The_Malight_samorrow October 16, 2021
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A feature on many smart phones that often causes one to make unwitting hilarious, retarded, offensive, and/or douchebag-like statements when texting. Especially hard to catch when preoccupied with something else while speed texting.
Michelle broke up with me 'cause while I was watching the game the predictive texting on my phone called her Michaela instead.
by dookeyboy November 23, 2010
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Replacement of your intended word by your cell phone's predictive text feature because you failed to space or were too quick (or thought you were) and you were really off a key and your cell didn't know what the hell you meant so it helped you out without your request. Strangely enough, sometimes you appreciate this feature because you can't always spell everything you'd like to say (but the cell can)!
"If you were turning to reach me, I was in the shower. - unrequested predictive text confused your slippery fingers and when you meant to say, "trying," it thought you meant turning. TOTALLY changes the meaning!
by Just1honey March 12, 2011
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The act of conducting a text conversation near a speaker in order to get the false feeing of having a lame super power/ability of predicting an incoming text before actually receiving it. The text can be predicted by a rhythmic patter produced by the speakers.
I like siting by my computer speakers and text predicting. It makes me feel like I have a lame super power.
by Lee Mealone February 18, 2011
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